Meet the Fish Circus Team!

Traveling with the Fish Circus is a one-of-a-kind experience that combines the thrill of fishing with the camaraderie of a tight-knit team.

Led by the larger-than-life fishermen Captain Dave “Chunky” Schunke and Captain Jerry Harris, this team takes you on a wild adventure across the waters, filled with laughter, banter, and the pursuit of the ultimate catch.

Jerry Harris – “The Old Wise One”

Jerry is the wise and experienced leader of the Fish Circus crew. With a lifetime of fishing experience under his belt, he’s seen it all and knows all the tricks of the trade. He’s the guy the crew turns to when they need advice or guidance, and he’s always happy to share his knowledge with anyone who asks. Jerry’s love for fishing started at a young age, and he’s been hooked ever since. He’s fished all over the world and caught some truly impressive fish, but he’s always happiest when he’s out on the water with his fellow Fish Circus crew members, laughing and having a good time. Despite his years of experience, Jerry is always eager to learn new things and try new techniques, and he’s not afraid to take risks in pursuit of the perfect catch. When he’s not fishing, you can usually find Jerry spending time with his family or tinkering with his gear to get it just right.

Dave ‘Chunky’ Schunke – “The Fearless Adventurer”

Dave Schunke, also known as “Chunky”, is a vital member of the Fish Circus crew, bringing his infectious energy and fearless attitude to every fishing adventure. Dave’s passion for fishing began at a young age when he would sneak out to local lakes to catch bass, often being dropped off by his mother for a few hours of fishing. He later became interested in saltwater fishing, learning the ropes from fellow anyone who cared. Dave’s willingness to take risks has led him to become a successful tournament fisherman, traveling up and down the east coast to compete and catch larger fish. He’s not afraid to push the limits and try new things, which has made him a valuable asset to the Fish Circus team. In addition to his fishing skills, Dave is also known for his outgoing and friendly personality, making him a fan favorite among Fish Circus viewers.

Jon ‘Fluffy’ Harris – “The Bait Master”

Jon Harris, brother of Jerry and a native of Virginia, is the bait expert of the Fish Circus crew. Growing up alongside his brother, Jon developed a deep passion for fishing and honed his skills in bait selection and presentation. His expertise in using live bait and his ability to read fish behavior make him an invaluable asset when it comes to landing big catches. Jon’s infectious enthusiasm and friendly nature make him a natural at building relationships with fellow anglers and creating a positive and engaging fishing environment. He’s always willing to lend a helping hand and ensure that everyone has a memorable fishing experience.

Chris Pami – “The Versatile Angler”

Hailing from the Garden State, Chris Pami is the versatile angler of the Fish Circus crew. His love for fishing was sparked at an early age, and he quickly embraced a wide range of fishing techniques and styles. From freshwater to saltwater, Chris has mastered the art of angling in various environments. His adaptability and open-mindedness allow him to excel in different fishing situations, whether it’s targeting bass in local lakes or chasing trophy fish in the open ocean. Chris’s dedication to his craft and his relentless pursuit of new angling challenges make him a valued member of the Fish Circus crew.

Robb Pami – “The Hands-On Engineer”

Robb Pami, a native of New Jersey, is the technical guru of the Fish Circus crew. Robb’s meticulous attention to detail and problem-solving skills make him an indispensable member of the team. Growing up fishing local lakes and streams, Robb developed a deep appreciation for the sport and an unwavering determination to overcome any fishing challenge. Whether it’s rigging tackle, troubleshooting equipment issues, or optimizing fishing strategies, Robb’s hands-on approach ensures that everything runs smoothly during fishing expeditions. He’s not afraid to get his hands dirty to get the job done.

Everywhere USA

The motto of the Fish Circus team is “Everywhere USA”. From rivers to bays to oceans, they travel far and wide in search of the perfect fishing spots. Their adventures showcase the incredible diversity of fishing opportunities that exist and take pride in sharing their experiences with fans, inspiring them to embark on their own journeys.

But what truly makes traveling with the Fish Circus special is the bond between the teammates. They are not just colleagues; they are a family united by their love for fishing and their shared sense of humor. Through their ups and downs, triumphs and failures, they support and uplift one another, reminding us that fishing is not just about the catch; it’s about the bonds we form and the memories we create. So, join the Fish Circus and experience the thrill of the journey, the joy of the catch, and the laughter that echoes across the waters of Everywhere USA.