AHC presents Fish Mavericks returning for its second season. The show centers on Captain Dave Schunke and his comedic crew aboard the Fish Circus as they travel to diverse locations to take on all competitors, including each other. With two brothers and a brother-in-law from the north and two brothers from the south, rivalries (and pranks) on the Fish Circus are just part of the job description.

Follow along as the crew travels to Virginia, the Outer Banks of North Carolina, Venice (Louisiana), the Bahamas, Charleston, and the Mississippi Gulf Coast in this laugh-filled and family-friendly comedy.

The second season premieres Saturday, April 1st at 6 A.M. ET on American Heroes Channel and will run new episodes every Saturday morning until June 24th. If you are in Texas, North Carolina, or South Carolina, you can also find Fish Mavericks on Time Warner Cable Sports Network. Look for the complete series on Waypoint TV and Amazon Prime soon.

The documentary-reality series follows the five members of the Fish Circus fishing team:

Dave “Chunky” Schunke

As the captain of Fish Circus, Captain Dave has his hands full keeping the crew in line. A New Jersey native and Robb’s brother-in-law, Chunky has taken his passion all around the world fishing freshwater, saltwater, and his true love, offshore canyon fishing.

Jerry and Jon Harris

Co-Captain Jerry and Jon “Baitmaster” Harris, both United States Navy veterans, have been fishing together for over 50 years. The opinionated pair from Virginia each run their family construction businesses when they aren’t on the boat.

Robb and Chris Pami

New Jersey natives and brothers Robb “Engineer” Pami and Chris “Rod Man” Pami taught themselves how to fish freshwater growing up, lending their skills to salt water aboard Fish Circus. The brothers, known for their pranks, are owners of a family construction business.

Fish Mavericks is produced by FZ Productions.

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